“Scouts for disarmament”

I. Questionnaire. Basic information.

1. Where did the activity take place and when : Consolation Maisonnettes (France), From 23 to 25 July

2. How many participants took part in the event: Around 150 people

3. How many Arms Down petition’s signatures were collected: 91

4. Were there any religious leaders who participated in the event/ signed the petition? List the names:

Sheikh Khaled BENTOUNES

Sheikh Khaled BENTOUNES is the spiritual leader of the Sufi Alawiya Brotherhood. As a writer, teacher, and speaker, he has traveled to many countries, mainly in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, carrying the traditional message of Sufism. He is the founder of the Association International Soufie Alawiya (AISA) and member of the administrative cabinet for the French Council of the Muslim Religion CFCM (the official body established in 2003 by the French government, for the organizations of the Muslim Religion in France).

He is also the founder of the organization “Muslim Scouts of France” which is a well-known youth organization in France recognized by the French ministry of Youth. Through his teachings Sheikh BENTOUNES spreads a universal message of another Islam to that presented by the media, an Islam of peace, dialogue and a brotherhood of heart.

Cheikh Bentounes signing the Arms Down petition

5. Were there any politicians/ other prominent figures who participated in the event/signed the petition? List the names:

ABERKANE Younés: President of the French Scout Federation

6. Was there any media coverage? Give the names of newspapers, radio TV stations or names of journalists present:

The TV channel “France 3” visited the camp to produce TV documentation. Religion for Peace was presented to them through the two Core Group members but they did not put it into the documentary.

III. Activity description

The Muslim Scouts of France organize an activity for the campaign:“Scout for disarmament”

This summer we organize an international camp with 150 people from 10 countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and France). We included the activity on ARMS DOWN in this camp. It was a workshop to present the campaign and ask if some youth scout leaders committed themselves to support the campaign in their home countries. The young participants were very interested by the workshops and for the subject of disarmament. We got 91 signatures during the camp. Also we got the signature of the Muslim spiritual leader sheikh Kahled BENTOUNES.

The President of the French Scout Federation is a Muslim Scout of France. So we informed the 4 other associations in our federation about the ARMS DOWN campaign.

Workshop on disarmament

II. Personal evaluation

1. How did the activity meet the goals of the campaign? What was achieved?

Signatures: We were able to have 91 signatures on paper. The Scout leaders who were busy at the camp with different projects did not sign on paper but they signed online. So at the end nearly all 150 participants signed the petition.

Education: The organized ARMS DOWN activity did fit with the theme focus chosen by EIYN “disarmament for development” because we introduced the campaign of Religions for Peace through education of young people on the subject of disarmament. We introduced and explained the relationship between disarmament and development and how military expenditures could be used to help other countries develop.

Politicians: We weren’t able to get appointments with politicians. The reason for this was the change of the location. At the beginning it was planned to have the camp near Strasbourg, the European Capital. By this way we should ask some politicians to come. But we changed the place for the camp due to organizational reasons and it was difficult to get politicians to the location where the camp took place.

Spreading: 10 Countries participated at the camp (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and France). So the campaign was spread in these countries and now we are in touch especially with Morocco and Tunisia. Through the French Federation of scouting we are going to spread the campaign to the WOSM (World Organization of Scout Movement). I’m in touch personally with the President of the European office and it should be possible to put the campaign on the WOSM website.

2. Any follow –up achievements? Are there any campaigns –related activities planned as a result of your activity? (for example: the participants organized or want to organize something for the campaign, or the prominent figures, media followed up with other activities to support the campaign):

Morocco and Tunisia were very interested. Morocco promised in an official response to the participated Core Group members to get 500 signatures and Tunisia is working on a campaign activity in Tunisia. We got 91signatures during the camp. This opportunity will be a possibility of spreading the disarmament campaign to the Maghreb.


Cheikh Bentounes and Core Group members

Report prepared by: GILET Thomas

Date: 03 September 2010


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