Draft Programme:

Friday 25 June

Participant’s arrival

20.30 – opening dinner

Saturday 26 June

9.00 – Opening session

Moderator: Mr. Taoufik Hartit, EIYN Core Team

  • Opening remarks and introduction to the goals of the meeting
    Ms Katerina Ragoussi, Associate Director, Youth & Network Coordination, Religions for Peace
  • Introductions by the participants, short presentations of organizations.
  • From Bakuriani to Paris with a roadmap in our hands. Presentation on history of EIYN.
    Mr Daniel Barton, Ms Julia Koszewska
  • General Revisiting of EIYN Road Map, evaluation of achievements and work of Core Team since Rovereto 2008 Summit

11.00– coffee break

  • The role of religion in peacebuilding, healing and confidence between people and nations
    Rev Dr Hans Ucko, President of Religions for Peace Europe
  • Engaging religious leaders – partnership and creative tension.                                                                                                Revd Vebjørn L Horsfjord, General Secretary of European Council of Religious Leaders – Religions for Peace.

12.30 – Lunch brake

14.00 – Session I: Disarmament for Development Campaign

Moderator: EIYN Core Team

  • Introduction to the campaign theme and global campaign aims
    Ms Allison Pytlak, disarmament programme coordinator, Religions for Peace
  • An Arms Trade Treaty, first step for an efficient development
    Mr Benoit Muracciole, Member of the Arms Trade Treaty Steering Board Caritas France.

16.45 – coffee break

17.15 – Session II: Disarmament for Development Campaign in Europe

Moderator: Ms Julia Koszewska, EIYN Core Team

  • Presentation of regional activities and the global advancement of the campaign goals
    Ms Katerina Ragoussi, Associate Director, Youth & Network Coordination, Religions
    for Peace
  • Presentation of campaign activities in Europe
    Ms Daniela Malec, European Development Consultant, Religions for Peace + projects coordinators: Mr Spencer Delisle, Mr Thomas Gilet, Ms Natia Tsintsadze)

18.15 – Session III: Arms Down petition and new Campaign activities.

Moderator: Ms Lama Azab, EIYN Core Team

  • Evaluation of collected Arms Down petition signatures.
    Mr Daniel Barton, European member of IYC
  • Let’s collect! + new activities for the Campaigne. Open table discussion led by: Ms Lama Azab

19.30 – Close

20.00 – Dinner

Sunday 27 June

10.00 – Session IV: Planning the second phase of Road Map and vision for the coming year

Moderator: Ms Daniela Malec, European Development Consultant, Religions for Peace.

  • Future development of EIYN. Open table discussion led by Ms. Daniela Malec
  • Reviewing the composition of Core Team. Led by Mr Daniel Barton.
  • Closing remarks

12.00- lunch & departures