2006 European Regional Youth Preparatory Meetings

In 2006, several regional preparatory meetings took place around the world in order to prepare for the World Assembly of World Conference of Religions for Peace (today known as: Religions for Peace) which took place the same year, in Kyoto, Japan.

The most important for the RfP EIYN were the two European Regional Youth Preparatory Meetings:

Both of the meetings were organized by WCRP (RfP). The first meeting for the Central-Eastern Europe took place in April in Bakuriani, Georgia. The second in July in Geneva, Switzerland.

The participants were the leaders of the faith-based organizations of the region, as well as regional organizations/institutions that facilitates the inter-religious dialogue. Nonetheless upon further developement of the inter-faith youth meetings under the auspices of the WCRP (RfP) youth leaders realised that the participants of the first meeting were mostly activists of the local/national organizations (which often are members of pan-European youth organizations of same religious tradition) while for the second meeting, the majority of the invitees were leaders of organizations that indeed are based with their headquarters in the region of Western Europe, however often are umbrella organizations of those whose local/national leaders participated in the meeting in Bakuriani. From this observation the participants of the further meetings decided to structure the cooperation to be based on European faith-based youth organizations, and if some religious traditions are present mostly in certain regions in Europe or do not (yet) have European wide umbrella organizations, to keep the membership for them as well in order to assure the presence and participation in the dialogue of diverse respective religious traditions. However non-convictional organizations/institutions that facilitates the dialogue also actively participate in this dialogue.


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