20.30. Opening dinner


9.30 Opening sessionModerator: Daniela Malec (EIYN Consultant)

9. 50 Opening remarks: The role of youth shaping the future of the global Religions for Peace – by rev.  Kyoichi Sugino, Assistant Secretary General of Religions for Peace

10.00 Core Group and Daniela Malec

(10.00) Introduction by the participants, presentations of the organizations

(10.20) EIYN historyevaluation of achievements and work of EIYN since Paris 2010 Summit: Evaluation of Arms Down! campaign.

10.50 Cofee break

11.05 RfP youth on different continents: activities of Global Youth Network – Daniel Calder, Youth Program Officer of Religions for Peace (NY international secretariat)

11. 30 Launching a new campaign: “Restoring Dignity: Religious Youth Say NO To Violence Against Women.”   –  Daniel Calder and Daniela Malec

11.50 RfP’s work on cluster munitions and the critical role of youth in addressing the challenge – Stein Villumstad, Secretary General of ECRL

12.00 Lunch break

13.30 Session I: Advocacy training : choice of workshops – Moderator: Lama Azab (Core Team member)

Introduction to advocacy – Julia Maria Koszewska (Core Team member)

13.40 Workshops:

Workshop A: Lobbying politicians and policy makersKarolina Guzda

Workshop B: Mass media advocacy techniquesAleksandra Konopko

Workshop C: Social media and legal tools in interfaith advocacy – Daniel Barton (RfP International Youth Committee member)

15.10 Coffee break

15.30 Second round of workshops

17.00 Summary of each Workshop group

17.15 Coffee break

17.45 Session II – Interfaith advocacy, interfaith cooperation as an answer to challenges of multiculturalism and migrationModerator: Daniel Barton

European perspective on multiculturalism and migration: Religions as a “missing link” to international relations, diplomacy (interfaith advocacy at governmental level) – Stein Villumstad, Secretary General of ECRL

18.05 Migration/refugees/homelesness – challenges for Europe in the face of Arabic Spring events – Konrad Pedziwiatr

18.30 Religions for Peace 9thWorld Assembly, ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Interfaith Dialogue, and European youth contribution to the World Assembly – rev. Kyoichi Sugino

18.40 Idea for multireligious joint youth project addressing issues of migration/multiculturalism; shaping the theme of the youth component of the 2012 RfP World Assembly  – work in groups.

19. 20 Summary of the group works


Sunday 18 September

9.30 Session III – Setting up EIYN policy on reacting to critical issues troubling peace, welfare and interfaith and ethnic coexistence in Europe Moderator: Julia Koszewska

Round table discussion

10.00 Preparing the declaration

10.45 Coffee break

Session IV – Mediation skills trainingmoderator: Benjamin Zagzag (Core Team member)

11.00 – 19.30 Mediation as a conflict solution/conflict prevention method in intercultural conflicts – trainer: Janusz Kazmierczak

lunch break between 12.30 – 14.00

Monday 19 September

9.30 Session V – Planning future of EIYN – moderator: Taoufik Hartit (Core Team member)

Revisiting the Road Map, planning a future 3 years, drafting the new Road Map

11.15 Coffee break

11.30 Revisiting the Core Group composition, European membership of IYC composition

12.00 Closing remarks

12.30 Lunch and departures


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