Core Group

Core Group:

  • Ms Jane Braden-Golay  of Switzerland – Jewish
  • Mr Taoufik Hartit of Germany – Muslim (sufi)
  • Ms Julia Maria Koszewska of Poland – Christian (catholic),
  • Ms Monaz Patel of UK – Zoroastrian
  • (vacant)
Core Team 2010

Core Team 2010-2011


Role of the Core Team:

  • coordinate the RfP-EIYN,
  • implement the Road Map,
  • represent RfP-EIYN,
  • cooperate with WCRP/RfP structures.


  • Religions for Peace – Europe – Mr Taoufik Hartit (member of the Executive Committee) and Ms Julia Maria Koszewska.
  • RfP European Council of Religious Leaders – Ms Julia Maria Koszewska.
  • RfP- European Women of Faith Network – Ms Nataliya Pylypiv.
  • RfP International Youth Council (IYC): Mr Daniel Bartoń, Ms Nataliya Pylypiv, (vacant).

Program and Development Consultant

Ms. Daniela Malec Korin