2010 Disarmament Summit in Paris, France

EIYN  Youth Summit

Under the global campaign

“Arms Down!

Disarm for Development”

Paris, 25-27 June 2010

The Summit have brought together religious youth leaders, representatives of the Zoroastrian, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Buddhist faiths from across of Europe. Two years after the Regional Assembly in Rovereto, May 2008, the summit was the key encounter for EIYN members, to re-affirm commitment to the mission and vision of the EIYN, evaluate the implementation of the strategic plan (Road Map) and advance multi-religious cooperation for peace.

The Religions for Peace Global Youth Network has advanced common action for disarmament toward shared security in a year-long disarmament campaign, that was launched in November 2009. In Europe the campaign is realised under the theme: Disarmament for Development. The summit in Paris was a main point in the schedule of the campaign’s activities.  It included the presentations of known experts in the field of disarmament.

Join us for working together for an arms-free world and a shared future!