2007 World Summit follow-up

Religions for Peace – European Interfaith Youth Network
15-17 June 2008
Prague, Czech Republic

Report of Prague meeting

The 3 days meeting was held at U Jakobova Zebriku, an Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Prague, Czech Republic from 15-17 June 2007. This meeting was funded by the Religions for Peace Europe.  There were 8 participants attending the meeting:

  • Daniel Barton (Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe, Czech Republic; International Youth Committee)
  • Paolo Frizzi (Focolare, Italy)
  • Julia Maria Koszewska (JECI-MIEC European Coordination)
  • Tina Mistry (Young Zoroastrians)
  • Aura Nortomaa (World Student Christian Federation – Finland)
  • Konrad Pedziwiatr (Arabia.pl)
  • Khatuna Tsintsadze (Century 21; International Youth Committee)
  • Elise Wong (Buddha’s Light International Association, Young Adult Division, UK; International Youth Committee)

The composition of the participants was not representative as religions are concerned. This was due to the fact that invited friends from Muslim, Hindu, Baha’i and Sikh organizations/communities were not able to attend.

  1. Agreed on name of the network (as a part of Religions for Peace family): Religions for Peace – European Interfaith Youth Network (RfP-EIYN).

  2. Quite a long time was taken by discussions on membership. Although there was an effort to close it, it returned back many times. It seems that we will have to deal with this issue on at least couple of next meetings.

However, we agreed that members of the RfP-EIYN should be:

  • organizations
    • international faith-based organizations
    • international interfaith organizations
    • national interfaith organizations
    • national faith-based organizations that are not represented by an international faith-based member organization
  • individuals

All the members are expected to agree on the aims and mission of the Network and to respect guidelines of inter-religious dialogue.

  1. In former plans and in the project sent to the International Youth Committee (IYC) and to the International Secretariat of WCRP, there was a founding meeting in September 2007 mentioned. However, we don’t know whether the funding will be granted and we don’t see it feasible under the actual level of involvement of the people active in the Network. Moreover, having a short special event is quite expensive, so we agreed that the founding meeting should be done together with the 2008 Roveretto Encounter of RfP-Europe. Thus, we should organize a pre-assembly that should encompass both the statutory and content-based parts.

  2. For preparing the RfP-EIYN to be ready to launch there shall be Steering Committee (SC) established. SC is going to be responsible for:

  • preparation and gathering of “interest forms” that should be distributed to possible future organizations;
  • preparation of agenda for statutory part of the 2008 Roveretto pre-assembly;
  • preparation of statutory documents;
  • working out selection criteria for Executive Committee (ExCo) that should be elected on the 2008 Roveretto pre-assembly.

The SC should be established as soon as possible. The composition is/should be as follows:

    • Daniel Barton (Christian-Protestant)
    • Julia Maria Koszewska (Christian-Catholic)
    • Tina Mistry (Zoroastrian)
    • Aura Nortomaa (Christian-Lutheran)
    • Khatuna Tsintsadze (Christian-Orthodox)
    • Elise Wong (Buddhist)
    • FEMYSO representative
    • possibly another Muslim
    • Jew (EUJS)
    • Hindu (NHSF UK)
    • Baha’i
    • Sikh
  1. For preparing the RfP-EIYN 2008 Roveretto pre-assembly there shall be Planning Committee established. Composition:

    • Daniel Barton
    • Paolo Frizzi
    • Konrad Pedziwiatr
    • Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana (FUCI)
    • FEMYSO
    • EUJS
    • Unescocat
  1. As was mentioned in Daniel’s report from RfP-Europe Governing Board meeting in Rome (May 2007), RfP-EIYN has two representatives in the European Women’s Coordinating Committee (EWCC). One, Szilvia Rozs-Nagy, was already invited to Rome upon her expression of interest. In Prague, we agreed on another representative: Julia Maria Koszewska. Both the representatives are with mandate lasting till the statutory meeting in Roveretto (May 2008). As both of them are Christians, it would be good for the future to have other religions represented in EWCC.

  2. There shall be documents on EIYN google group containing organizations and individuals that are in contact with us (were contacted). It should include also internal evaluation of reactions and attitudes, future possibilities of co-operation.

  3. Internet platform should be taken care of as soon as possible.


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