Pax Christi for disarmament

coordinator: Ms Jessica M. Brown – Youth Coordinator (Pax Christi International)

where: Worldwide, but specifically targeting the European countries where Pax Christi have a dedicated youth staff person/contact: Austria, Belgium, TheNetherlands, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Romania, Spain, UK

when: 19.07 – 16.08.2010


to activate Pax Christi European Youth Forum to engage in a concrete follow-up action on the theme of the disarmament for development seminar (May 2010 in Strasbourg). 25 European participants from May 2010’s Pax Christi youth seminar in Strasbourg, each commits to a certain number of signatures and act as multipliers. Each of these youth multipliers contact their own networks – 14 Pax Christi European Member Organisations and collect the signatures through the contacts of each organisations.

The aim to gather 3,000 signatures with this project in one month.