Step Out & Speak Out Against

coordinators: Ms Nana Gviniashili (YNAID-Youth Network Against Intolerance and Discrimination) and Ms Natia Tsintsadze (Union 21 Century)

where: Georgia

when: July – September, 2010


The aim of the activity is to encourage and empower young people to take active position and contribute to the promotion of the disarmament for development.

The activity will address one of the vulnerable issues of increased military expenditure and military propaganda in the country. The situation directly affects on young people as they stay main targets of such propaganda. In comparison with the budget envisaged for socio-economic assistance to the most vulnerable parts of society, costs available in the state budget for health protection of these groups, the military expenditure of the country still is very high. We think that it is crucially important that young people are aware of the importance of decreasing military budget, disarmament and anti-violence actions of conflict resolution.

We will target young people of diverse backgrounds; special focus will be made on young IDPs and those residing near to the conflict regions in Georgia.

The information campaign will be conducted in 5 major cities simultaneously and will cover the following sub-activities: 1) distribution of informative leaflets and campaign materials, 2) organising and taking part in media activities at national and local media, 3) preparation and submission of an open letter on behalf of the youth, 4) informative meetings with various stakeholders: religious communities, youth groups, state structures, etc.

We expect that the activity will reach hundreds of young people and it will raise awareness among young people about their role and potential to advocate for disarmament at all levels and make significant social change in favor of development. We expect that we will get positive response from various stakeholders to lobby the decrease of military budget in order to support the financing of the MDG achievement in Georgia.

We will elaborate monitoring and evaluation plan at the preparation stage of the activity. In the monitoring & evaluation will be involved representatives of the partner organisations, also IYC member. The activity leadership team will prepare regular reports and submit to the European Campaign Team together with photo-documentary materials. We will also distribute evaluation questionnaires to be filled by the target groups after the project completion.