EIYN’s Core Group member – Julia Maria Koszewska – honoured by Polish president, with Cross of Merit Award.

We are very proud to inform that our Core Group member – Julia Maria Koszewska, has been awarded Silver Cross of Merit Award by the President of Poland, for “outstanding achievements in public service activities, for achievements in developing, enhancing and spreading religious, intellectual, artistic and political culture, for educational activities for children and youth”. 


The Cross of Merit  is a Polish civil state award. It is awarded by the President of Republic of Poland for “exemplary public service or humanitarian work that goes above and beyond the call of duty”. Julia is one of the youngest to receive this award ever.

Julia has been active in numerous public initiatives in Poland and wider Europe,  in the field of civil society, youth policy, advocacy for women and youth and their empowerement, peace work, interfaith dialogue, human rights, access to information and knowledge and other. Throughout the years she was a leader of organizations such as: KIK (Club of Catholic Intelligentsia), JECI-MIEC European Coordination, Pax Romana IMCS (International Movement of Catholic Students) and Pax Romana  ICMICA (International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs). She was one of the founders of Religions for Peace, European Interfaith Youth Network (RfP-EIYN) in 2006, and has been a member of our Core Group (EIYN’s governing body) since then. We know her as  a good leader and passionate activist with a big heart, dedicated to promoting peace,  interfaith dialogue and youth and women’s empowerment.

Wa are proud of you Julia! Congratulations!


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