Partner organizations needed for great Social-Soccer European project!


Italian organization Calciosociale , Italian chapter of Religions for Peace, European Interfaith Youth Network asks you to consider becoming partner of the project:

CalcioSociale is an association based in Rome, member organization of Italian Religions for Peace network.
Calciosociale acts in the field of social disadvantage, fighting through sport with intolerance, discriminations, inequalities and racism. You can see their website here:

They are looking now for partners ( organizations) for their international project. They already have two partners from two countries but are looking for two more organizations.

CalcioSociale (Social Soccer) is a wonderful reality existing since 2005. It was borne in Rome, in a social disadvantaged suburb of the town called “Corviale”. The playground of football is for “CalcioSociale” a “miracle ground” where teams are combined casually and with a particular accent on diversity: both men and women, young and adults, able and disable, Christian, Jewish, Muslims, Buddhist, black or white skin people, all together fighting prejudice, racism, homophobia, and clearly expressing a wish of equality, of justice, of legality, of spirituality and respect for environment and cultural or ethnic peculiarities.

CalcioSociale has been active in Italy but wants to go now with its project on a wider European level.

The idea of the project activities is to organize an itinerant football tournament in 5 countries. In every country, football teams will challenge each other  (in different cities- all of them characterized by a social texture made of disadvantaged target groups ) three times for a total of six football matches in every country.

Plan of the activities:

1. In the morning all participants plus the local population will be invited to attend a workshop on cultural integration, legality, gender equality, environment and sport. Thanks to this moment, participants, family members, relatives and friends can increase their knowledge and skills on social issues, whose only purpose is to reduce the distances between the various cultural groups present in the tournament to create a family atmosphere. Only who takes part in the workshop has the right to play the football game
2. Social lunch for everybody, organized by the local associations
3. Football matches
4. Public discussion on the lesson learned during the day

Each event will last one for day lasting about six hours (workshop, football matches, social lunch, final discussion).
The activities will begin from December 1 (2012). The maximum duration of the project is 15 months.

Each partner country will therefore: Organize the tournament in three different cities (six matches in total) and workshops.
The final match will take place in Rome in March 2014 and then the awards will be given.

The plan of the project is, above all, to be a project of active citizenship where the main actors are the young people, who will be empowered to play a full part in the lifeof their urban areas. They will be asked to assume the responsibility of being active promoters of an inclusive society while the disadvantages conditions push for illegal, racist, unequal and xenophobic  behaviours. The true engine of this project is represented by the sharing of values and the communication between the participants on what may be the fundamental vehicle to fill the gap between people and to decrease social disadvantage. Based on these principles, Calciosociale is not just a game model, but it is a lifestyle based on values of hospitality, justice and legality. A football match becomes as a unique opportunity to intervene in the social fabric with the help of educators prepared in order to guide the participants towards a healthy awareness of their potential as citizens and workers to serve the community.

To find out more and if you are interested in becoming a partner of this project please contact EIYN – –  and Raffaella Orlandi <> from CalcioSociale.

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